Top 10 Google search Keywords 2020

Here I provide the list of Top 10 Google search Keywords in 2020 with organic traffic and volume of search for individual keyword. The most Google search keyword that affect you site by ranking in google search result. As per SEO of your site you can go the higher ranking if you have effective keywords like Google,Facebook,Google map,YouTube,Amazon,E bay,weather,Netflix,craigslist etc. This is the amazing and useful information by rankersnews.

The most of keywords are the choice of internet surfer from the world wide. As we can see the most popular keyword of the 2020 is Facebook. The keyword Facebook search volume in 2020 is 151,500,000. You can achieve the highest ranking in google search by use some of this type of keywords to your site like my keyword : rankersnews.

You like the facts that google has some what less search keyword than Facebook, ye it's reality. You can check the database of the search keywords in 2020, you can find this information that Facebook has higher ranking keywords in Google search. Our site rankersnews provide this type of useful information  for new blogger or the study related news for students. The amazing thing is that my keyword has less search rank in google but still I'll try to make it higher rank in google.

So, I listed below the top 10 google search keyword in 2020 with it's site and little bit description. Go through this information and use this keywords in your site so that you can goal the higher rank position in Google and other search engine.

1. Facebook :- 

First one is Facebook which has highest search keyword volume in 2020. It's search keyword volume is 151,500,000 from whole the world. The official site of Facebook is and many other child version of this website available.It's a social networking site.

2. YouTube :-

The second one is YouTube. It's the official site for video zone. You can see online videos and many more in YouTube. YouTube has 142,200,000 search volume in 2020. It's most popular video streaming site and have amazing channels in it.The official site is

3. Amazon :-

The next high search keyword in 2020 is Amazon. The Amazon is the site for online shopping and has 87,440,000 search volume in 2020. The official site is and it's online shopping site for various products.

4. Gmail :-

The next high search keyword in 2020 is Gmail. Gmail is the mail provider and its one part of the company Google. Gmail has 71,240,000 search volume in 2020. It's official site is

5. Google :-

The next highest is Google. Google is most favourite and widely used search engine. It's provide various products like Ad sense,gmail,drive,due etc. Google is highest used search engine in the world and it has 63,840,000 search volume in 2020. It's official site is

6. Weather :-

Weather is the google product that gives the information about the weather or temprator in specific location. The keyword weather has 43,400,000 search volume in 2020.

7. E bay :- 

The next keyword is Ebay and it has 41,010,000 search volume in 2020. E bay is online shipping site and the official site is This is the easy way to online shipping in ebay.

8. Yahoo :-

Yahoo is one of the search engine site and it's also provide many products like ymail and etc. It has 39,170,000 search volume in 2020. The official site of yahoo is Yahoo is now less hot favorite than google.

9. Walmart :-

The walmart is the one of the online shipping site in the world. The walmart keyword has 31,970,000 search volume in 2020. The official site of walmart is I think is better than ebay.

10. Yahoo mail :-
rankersnews,yahoo mail

Yahoo mail in the product of yahoo that provides the mail functionality and its very popular in nowadays. You can use ymail or gmail both are very useful. The keyword yahoo mail has 31,880,000 search volume in 2020.

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