Top 5 Must See Places In Munnar

Top 5 Must See Places In Munnar

  • Blossom Park
Blossom Hydel is a playground of amazing landscapes, scenic flowers, artificial waterfalls and panoramic beauty. The park is the most famous tourist attractions in Munnar, situated around 3 kilometers from town.
  • Best Station
Leading Station is a favorite tourist destination and also a view point that provides a scenic view of this majestic Western Ghats.
  • Lockhart Gap
Lockhart Gap is one of the significant attractions in Munnar and famous for its mountains, valleys, hiking trails and plantation in addition to an perfect location for adventure tourism in Kerala.
  • Marayoor Dolmens
Marayur city is situated 42 kilometers from Munnar and renowned for Ancient dolmens, rock paintings and natural sandalwood woods. The city is also home to medicinal plants, Karimutty waterfalls and 1000 species of flowering plants.
  • Carmelagiri Elephant Park
Carmelagiri Elephant Park at Munnar is a destination destination at which you could get elephant riding adventure. The personal park elephant safari will charge you about INR 350 per person and additional for photos.

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