Top 5 Endemic Birds and Wild Animals Found In Nilgiri Mountains

The Nilgiri hills or blue shores are sub assortment of Western Ghats mountain series using 24 mountain peaks over 2,000 metres. Blue Mountains would be the little known attractiveness in India and famous for its variety of tourist attractions and areas like Nilgiri Mountain Railway, together with amazing flora and fauna.

Nilgiri Flycatcher
The Nilgiri Flycatcher is just found at the near hill ranges Nilgiri mountains together with lush green shola forests of the Western Ghats range. Nilgiri Flycatcher is rated among the most beautiful bird in India.

Nilgiri Wood Pigeon
The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon located at the canopy of dense mountain forests and sholas of Western Ghats.Nilgiri Wood Pigeons will also be recorded among the exposed species of birds from India.

Nilgiri Blue Robin
The Nilgiri Blue Robin is endemic to the hills Shola forests of this of southern India, Nilgiri Blue Robin is also Called Nilgiri Shortwing or White-bellied Shortwing and among those endangered birds in India.

Nilgiri Langur
Nilgiri Langur is among both endemic primates of the Western Ghats range and falls in the category of jeopardized because of deforestation and poaching.

Nilgiri Marten
The Nilgiri marten is species of marten located from the hills of the Nilgiris and portions of the Western Ghats. Nilgiri marten is a wonderful animal endemic to the Western Ghats and among the most evasive species of small carnivores.

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