Top 5 Bird Species Of Maharashtra on Verge Of Extinction

There are 14 species of creatures falls in the class of seriously compromised from the nation, chief reason for the endangered status of the gorgeous birds are loss of habitat,poaching and usage of insecticides. Here's the listing of bird species on the brink of extinction together with its newly declared state bird of Maharashtra, the forest owlet.

Indian Vulture
Indian Vulture is one of the nine species of vulture residing in India, it's also among those species that is at risk of extinction. Following the numerous Captive-breeding programmes Indian Vultures alongside other species, the population has improved.

White Rumped Vulture
The White Rumped Vulture is just another species of an Old World vulture and quite near the European Griffon Vulture. White-rumped Vulture population fell radically in Indian Subcontinent,notably in Maharashtra.

Red Headed Vulture
This Old World vulture located from the Indian Subcontinent and does not have any subspecies.

Forest Owlet
Shrinking forests of central India, leaving the species of Forest Owlet as seriously endangered bird.

Sociable lapwing
The Sociable Lapwing is appealing medium-sized lapwing household of critters and seriously endangered in India according to International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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