Top 10 Giant Aquatic Creatures of India - 1

Top 10 Giant Aquatic Creatures of India - 1

The aquatic area of India is home to a number of the most significant and giant aquatic creatures and also the seas of India are also a fantastic habitat for river critters. Giant aquatic creatures and river critters of India contains Indian mottled eel,Indian mahseer, Freshwater crocodile,Dwarf snakeheads,Wallago attu,Flathead catfish,large water snake,Dugongs and saltwater crocodile.
Top 10 Giant Aquatic Creatures of India

  • Kali River Goonch Catfish

Goonch is a monster catfish and man-sized killer catfish found at the Kali River at India and really a River drama of Indian Subcontinent. The river is known as Kali Ganga at Uttarakhand and set of fatal attacks on humans have been reported as well as an incident on Earth Monsters show about the Kali River goonch attacks on the Animal Planet.

  • Ganges Shark

Ganges shark is a critically endangered species located in the River Ganges and the Brahmaputra of India, Its distinct species of river shark that can be confused with the Ganges and Brahmaputra river bull shark. The Ganges shark is also known to inhabit just in freshwater ponds of eastern and northeastern India.

  • Ganges Stingray

The Ganges stingray or even Gangetic stingray is a species of stingray from the freshwater rivers of India and one of the largest species of stingray located in India. This giant stingray is a mythical species of stingray family, endemic to the Indian river system located on sandy bottoms in coastal waters.

  • Brahmaputra Bull Shark

The Bull Shark is often found species of Shark also resides in fresh water from the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers of West Bengal and Assam in eastern India. Bull sharks are apex predators and humans are the main threat,bull shark is to blame for biting swimmers around the Indian rivers.

  • Godavari Red Piranha

Red-bellied piranha is one of the most dreaded fish species on earth,has found its way to the Godavari river from Andhra Pradesh. This invasive fish species out of Godavari River is a river creature of Indian deserts and ranked as one of the world's deadliest fish.

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