Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years - 3

Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years - 3

Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years

  • Sociable Lapwing

Sociable lapwing is a wader bird out of lapwing family breeds on open grassland of north-west India. BirdLife International has categorised Sociable Lapwing bird as critically endangered because of habitat destruction and anticipated to burst within the next decade.

  • Humpback Mahseer

Humpback Mahseer is highly respected food fish as well as an important game fish located at the Indian Peninsula. The freshwater fish, the giant humpback Mahseer located in India is on the verge of extinction because of pollution, habitat loss and overfishing.

  • Bugun Liocichla

Bugun liocichla is critically endangered species of passerine bird, located in hillsides covered with shrubs and small tree woods of Arunachal Pradesh. In 2006 Bugun liocichla is described as a new species of small babbler and now seen in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Malabar Civet

Malabar civet is endemic to the Western Ghats of India but severely threatened by hunting,deforestation,habitat loss and at the chance of extinction.

  • Pygmy Hog

Pygmy hog is your smallest and rarest wild pig on the planet, now only located in Manas National Park of Assam. This can be critically endangered suid family mammal utilized to found in moist grasslands of Himalayan foothills but only one viable population remains in the Manas Tiger Reserve.

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