Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years - 2

Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years - 2

Top Species India Most Likely To Extinct in Next 10 Years

  • Gharial

This crocodilian speciecs utilized to inhabited from the major river of the Indian Subcontinent but today the population have diminished because of overhunted for skins,murdered by sailors, water contamination and riverine habitat decreased as dams.

  • Gooty Tarantula

The critically endangered Gooty Tarantula is a blue color species of tarantula located in deciduous woods of Andhra Pradesh. Gooty sapphire ornamental shrub spider is one of the largest spider discovered in India and believed to have venom that may cause extreme pain.

  • Pink-Headed Duck

Pink-headed ducks are one of the rarest species of waterfowl located in India,located in parts of the Gangetic plains of India. It has been disappear in the wild because of habitat destruction but again happened in eastern India,therefore declared as critically endangered rather than extinct.

  • Gundia Frog

Gundia Indian Frog is one of those critically endangered species of frog found in the Western Ghats of India. The small size Indirana gundia frog threatened by habitat loss,harvesting of timber,road building and intensive livestock production.

  • Elvira Rat

Elvira Rat is a species of rodent found only in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu state of India. This critically endangered species of bark is on the point of extinct because of habitat reduction, conversion of forests and fuel wood collection.

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