Top 5 Species of Large Vultures Found in India

Top 5 Species of Large Vultures Found in India

White-Rumped Vulture -Gyps Bengalensis

  • Griffon Vulture -Gyps Fulvus

Griffon vulture also referred to as the Eurasian griffon is one of those large bird of prey. The Griffon vultures are old world vultures and have been made extinct at any time period.

  • White-Rumped Vulture -Gyps Bengalensis

White-Rumped Vulture is a medium-sized vulture and one of the most abundant large bird of prey on the planet. This is actually the smallest of this Gyps vultures located in India and also the most typical vulture seen in massive amounts all around the nation.

  • Cinereous Vulture -Aegypius Monachus

Cinereous vulture is a large raptorial bird located in India and also the manhood of the family Accipitridae. The cinereous vulture is thought to be the largest true bird of prey on earth, located in northern India. Image source- conservationindia

  • Egyptian Vulture -Neophron Percnopterus

Egyptian vulture is broadly dispersed species of small old world vulture located at the south-west part of India. There are 3 widely-recognised subspecies of Egyptian vulture located in Indian subcontinent.

  • Red-Headed Vulture -Sarcogyps Calvus

Red-Headed Vulture is also known as Indian Black Vulture located just from the Indian Subcontinent. This moderate sized vulture has no subspecies found in deciduous forests and foothills and river valleys.

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